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Author: Robert

2017 Bronson Bike Check

Now that I've had the bike for a while I figured it was about time I did a bike check…

77 Subscriber Update

Tonight I put together my 77 subscriber update! Totally had fun doing it. It was a 7 for 7 update.…

Sweetwater Dead Gimble

This ride was a bit of an adventure. Definitely not the ride we thought we were going on. There ended…

Racing Mother Nature

I tried to squeeze in a ride during a short break in the weather. I basically got done with most…

“Get a bicycle. You will certainly not regret it, if you live.”

– Mark Twain

Wet and Muddy

In this video I head out to Salmon Falls with Moonlight Leatherfoot and we attempt to ride. California has been…

30 Subscriber Update

It's been raining like no tomorrow in Northern California aaaaaaaaannnnnnd I haven't been able to ride.  On the other hand…

Beer Your Bike

Americans are good at spending disposable income on senseless things. Today's video is all about that.  We are beer'ing a…

Auburn OHV Exploring

This ride was a lot of fun.  It was really nice to get up to Auburn and give the new…

Rockville Sessions

This ride was a little different than any of my typical ones.  I'll be honest.  More of it was spent…
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