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Downieville Ding Ding

It’s practically impossible not to have an amazing day while riding the Downieville trail system. However this day really stood…

FHDL Sub Ride

This was an after work ride that was put together after I had a few new subs reach out to…

Oat Hill Mine Sufferfest

This is not an out and back. It's an UP and DOWN! Right out the gate you are in climb…

YouTube Jeopardy

Disclaimer: This video is LOOOOOOOONG, we also were drinking so there will be excessive cussing. With that being said, this…

Rockville Redemption

Before I even left Rock Creek last time I was planning my return.  On the first drive up there I…

Rock Creek Fail

As I drove towards Rock Creek I came to the quick realization that I was under prepared. I just used…

Brush Hero

This thing really blew me away!  I have always looked at the guys with super clean bikes and purely couldn't…
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