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B1KER Bar Ep. 24 – Pedaling Innovations

The man who invented the Pedaling Innovations pedals is a regular mountain biker like the rest of us.  Yes he has worked as a trainer for many professional athletes including the new well known Aaron Gwin.  Yes he's been in the bike industry for quite some time.  But it was just a simple question boggling his mind on the trail during a ride that spawned this company.  He was thinking to himself why he needed stiff shoes and a clipless system for good pedaling efficiency but didn't need shoes in the gym. The answer is actually pretty damn logical.  We talk about this and a lot more in this episode of the B1KER Bar.

*** Unfortunately there was a huge storm passing through Northern California and my power dropped during the show...twice.  Bare with it on the video and I come back online. I edited it out of the Podcast version. Sorry, apparently Mother Nature doesn't watch the show.***

Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here

I'm just a guy in Northern California that loves riding bikes. Most of my time is spent on a mountain bike. I also own a single speed for around town and commuting. Last but not least I own a cross bike. I couldn't bring myself to buy a road bike. That was my compromise to be able to ride with the lady. I'm originally from Pennsylvania and have that blunt east coast attitude. Some people love it, some people hate it. Either way I wake up in the morning.