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Best Dropper Ever?

Is your dropper too short? Are you looking for something new? Do you have a dropper that ryhmes with scam that just pisses you off? Well you have come to the right place, because those were the problems I was up against. PNW Components sent me their Bachelor 170mm dropper and the Loam Lever dropper button to see if they could fill the void in my life. This video takes you through the install and first ride in a little different manner than most review videos.

I'm just a guy in Northern California that loves riding bikes. Most of my time is spent on a mountain bike. I also own a single speed for around town and commuting. Last but not least I own a cross bike. I couldn't bring myself to buy a road bike. That was my compromise to be able to ride with the lady. I'm originally from Pennsylvania and have that blunt east coast attitude. Some people love it, some people hate it. Either way I wake up in the morning.