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Camp with B1KER & BKXC

I mentioned on the channel that I wanted to set up a camping trip for us to be able to get together. I'm super excited to put some faces to names and get out and ride some awesome trails in Downieville. This is not a paid hosted, sponsored, supported trip with any guarantees. I'm not making any money off of this in any way and to be honest am purely doing this for us to get together and have a good time. I did however try to sweeten the pot when I reached out to BKXC.

I personally have been wanting to meet him and on his channel he talks about building a community and that appeals to me because I have similar goals for my channel. So I reached out to him and asked if he'd like to be involved.  He thoguht it sounded like a great idea and let me know what his schedule looked like.  Unfortunately the end of the summer wasn't open for him so if it was going to work, it was going to be with short notice!

 Let's be clear about one thing here. We may or may not be able to ride together. I'm going to let you guys know what time our shuttles are, however, this is not being organized in a group ride manner. I even told Brian (BKXC) that if we get up the hill on the shuttle and he wants to do his own thing, that's totally cool.  I don't want anyone to have anything holding them back from having a good time when riding.  With different peoples downhill skills Downieville could be the difference of hours on how long it takes people to finish the trail.  Some people do one run in a day and call it good.  Some do 2-4 runs.  It's completely up to you.  I will say if you have never been and you are a weekend warrior type of rider 1 shuttle is fine.  For me the second is fun, but you definitely are tire and you start building hot spots or blisters in spots.  

This is purely let's all go to Downieville, Ca and ride for the day just like you could any other day. However, at the end of the day when beers and campfires are due, we will all be able to hang out at the campground and tell all the mountain biking stories and big fish tales that our hearts desire. So, this is the deal. Reserve your campsite at the campsite below. Currently the only sites reserved are the two I reserved. The entire campground is still available. That's 10 spots. Remember if you don't get a shuttle at the same time as us, it doesn't matter. Just go ride Downieville! It will be epic! We may bump into each other on the trail or back in town. Bottom line is, if you camp with us...we will hang out at the campground!  Feel free to walk up to my site and introduce yourself.  Us getting together is the point of this so don't be shy!  Oh, and I almost forgot.  Do you see that new logo on this post?  I have stickers now and will be handing them out to anyone that comes! Without further ado here is the info.

Campground: Ramshorn - Downieville, CA 
We are in spots 3 & 4 that are highlighted in the tan color.  At this point all the blue sites are open.  This campground is small.  All of the spots are pretty close together and definitely not far to walk to the other sites.  The river is across the road.  I stayed here like 2 years ago and liked it because it was really close to downtown Downieville.


Google Map/Directions: 

Shuttle Companies:

We are using Yuba Expeditions.  However both companies are capable of driving you up the hill!  I personally prefer Yuba because they gave me free beer after a ride!  Both shops also rent bikes!

Shuttle Times: 
Saturday July 8th, 2017
9am & 1pm

Don't worry if we don't get the same shuttles.  There are shuttles that run as late as 5pm.  If you go on the latest one you should be fine, however out of personal experience with a bunch of flats and mechanicals, I would bring a light of some sort just in case you take a little longer!  It's not a must, however, as I said I had a group one year that we ended up doing the last part of it as a night ride.

I'm just a guy in Northern California that loves riding bikes. Most of my time is spent on a mountain bike. I also own a single speed for around town and commuting. Last but not least I own a cross bike. I couldn't bring myself to buy a road bike. That was my compromise to be able to ride with the lady. I'm originally from Pennsylvania and have that blunt east coast attitude. Some people love it, some people hate it. Either way I wake up in the morning.