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Motorcycle vs. Mountain Bike

Today you'll find out which is better to ride at an OHV park. A motorcycle or a mountain bike. If you aren't familiar with the Mammouth Bar OHV park in Auburn California everything you need to know is in this video. Mammouth Bar is a fun way to spice up the regular Auburn trail system. I heard about it for a long time, but never ventured over there. Now that I know my way around I'm kicking myself in the butt for not riding over there sooner.

I'm just a guy in Northern California that loves riding bikes. Most of my time is spent on a mountain bike. I also own a single speed for around town and commuting. Last but not least I own a cross bike. I couldn't bring myself to buy a road bike. That was my compromise to be able to ride with the lady. I'm originally from Pennsylvania and have that blunt east coast attitude. Some people love it, some people hate it. Either way I wake up in the morning.