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Stikrd Shuttles

In all of the years I've been riding in Auburn, believe it or not, I've actually never shuttled Culvert and Confluence.  Richard from Stikrd came up to my house for the weekend and we set out to get some shuttles in.  Richard reached out to his buddies on the Bikes, Buds, and Brews Facebook group and next thing you know we had a party.  Between all of those guys and me consistently running into subscribers...scratch that, chipmunks from the channel, we ended up having a hell of a group.  Everything didn't quite go as planned, but hey, it's mountain biking and there will be blood!

Shuttle 1
Garmin or Strava
Shuttle 2
Garmin or Strava


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Bikes, Buds, & Brews

I'm just a guy in Northern California that loves riding bikes. Most of my time is spent on a mountain bike. I also own a single speed for around town and commuting. Last but not least I own a cross bike. I couldn't bring myself to buy a road bike. That was my compromise to be able to ride with the lady. I'm originally from Pennsylvania and have that blunt east coast attitude. Some people love it, some people hate it. Either way I wake up in the morning.