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Why Ride Arizona

Over the last few years I've been traveling to Arizona to ride. I've truly come to look forward to it…

How I PR Confluence

I've been trying to get under 6 minutes on this run for awhile.  This is how I do it. Garmin or Strava…

The Lost Tahoe Trail

There are a lot of great trails in Tahoe.  However, some are better known than others.  This one in particular…

Tahoe’s Fastest Shuttle

Tyrolean Downhill is located in Incline Village North Lake Tahoe and it's arguably the fastest shuttle run you can do…

Best Trail in Tahoe

The Big Chief Trail in Truckee, California is my new favorite sanctioned trail in the area. As we all know…

Norco Sight 29er Review

I got lucky and was able to tag along with the lady on a work trip to Sun Valley, Idaho.…
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